The River Dart on Dartmoor

A Photo Gallery - Part 1


The two Dart rivers meet just downstream from the turnpike bridge at Dartmeet. Immediately opposite their confluence on the left bank is a small field, on the moorland side of which there is a path that continues downstream. Soon trees close in and the narrow flood-plain disappears, replaced by a clitter-covered hillside that extends to Eagle Rock. The first time this clitter (Dartmoor for boulder scree) reaches to the river, it has been turned into paving of sorts, until another short and narrow flood-plain is reached. Soon both banks steepen and the river begins a rapid descent over a series of rock ledges. The sounds of tumbling waters reverberate across a path that here and there has succumbed to winter floods and been washed out; the only way forward is a scramble up steep banks of tree roots, followed by a bout of boulder hopping until the path resumes.

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